Enogastronomic Tour: Olive Oil and Wine of the Amalfi Coast

The olive oils and wines of the Amalfi Coast embody the distinctive flavor of this sunny climate of lemon groves and volcanic stone. Start this morning with a visit to one of the region's top olive oil producers. Take a stroll through the olive groves to learn about cultivation and harvesting, visit the 19th century mill to see how olive oil was pressed in the past, and then step into the modern age of high-tech, cold extraction techniques. Of course, we must taste this incredible oil, along with special olive oils infused with natural flavors of the area such as Amalfi lemons and oranges, rosemary, and more.

Next we move to a vineyard tucked into the rich volcanic slopes of Vesuvius. The vintners craft the most celebrated wine from this area, the Lacryma Christi (“Tears of Christ” - in white, red and rosè), along with an Aglianico (one of Pliny the Elder's favorite grapes) and a crisp Falanghina, the white that best represents the flavors of this area – sea and citrus. Glass of wine in hand, we enjoy the fresh air of the vineyards before sitting down to al fresco lunch with views over the Bay of Naples. The wines are paired with delicious antipasti of the area, a special pasta from Setaro of Gragnano (beloved throughout Italy for its quality and taste), and a final dessert course of pastiera, the local cake made from grano, ricotta, and one or two secret ingredients of the cook. At the close of the meal, you can enjoy the cantina's grappa and their very special apricot brandy.

Allow 6 hours. Price on request.

Amalfi Coast


Amalfi Coast

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