Night transfers from Sorrento to Capri

Sorrento by night

At night in Capri street lights are switched on, the locals come out to gather together in the main piazza where culture, art and history get exchanged. Life begins to flow through the streets and pour out into the artistic bars of the island, where a thousand voices and sounds spread their melody everywhere. You have many reasons to visit Capri. The opportunity can eventually knock on your door and you happen to find yourself in a famous restaurant on a Saturday night. Around the Piazzetta, in the maze of alleys, there are lots of restaurants. Some of them are traditional, some other are more contemporary and innovative, all with a good cuisine mainly based on typical dishes. In other areas of the island there are also good places, well known for their friendly staff and their traditional cuisine, surrounded by unspoilt nature and beautiful landscapes. The cuisine of the island entered in the wake of the Neapolitan and Mediterranean cuisine. The main elements of the Caprese style are tomatoes, oil of olive, garlic and chilli peppers, often with the basil, oregano, parsley, mint, fennel, marjoram, capers, olives, anchovies. In the evening you should go to “Da Luigi ai Faraglioni” ,at the foot of the famous Faraglioni. Luigi ai Faraglioni is happy to welcome you to the ancient bay of the Greek - roman port of Tragara. Luigi, who like a good Caprese will make the time spent at the Faraglioni unforgettable. In his lovely restaurant overlooking the sea you can taste the flavours of an old tradition and lay in the sun among golden rocks. You should go to the restaurant S. Costanzo, in the direction of Marina Grande in the last part of the Scala Fenicia (.. the place is accessible from downtown by bus which stops at the church of San Costanzo and then from the church it’s better on foot because the street consists of stairs). You should go to “ Terrazza Brunella”, in downtown (via Tragara). As they tend to request a reservation, you should ask for further information about it or its phone number to book your table in the hotel you are staying.

You could go to La Canzone del Mare, the elegant restaurant once frequented by Coward, Gracie Fields and, of course Mrs Wentworth-Brewster, to whom you raise a glass of the local wine “Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio”, that tastes like nectar. We have so many restaurant to advice you, whose names probably sound familiar to you: Terrazza Ciro a Mare, Villa Verde, Da Paolino, Al Grottino, Isidoro, Da Gemma and many other both in Capri and in Anacapri The only thing to do is to go there and experience a Caprese magic night. In Capri there are so many taverns, discos and coffee bars where you can dance and listen to music till the dawn’s early light. At night in the Piazzetta young people of the movida start to get ready to pour out into the temples of life by night. There are some of them we can advice you: the Number Two, a very traditional disco, which still continues to be very crowded today.
A few meters ahead there is the Musmè, which has always been the favourite destination of offsprings from Naples and Rome since its birth.
Among the discos young people like the most there is the Zeus, in Anacapri, a mega-nightclub on the Faro of Punta Carena with its terrace overlooking the sea, the moonlight which brightens the rocks and a thousand dancers, who dance with total freedom till the dawn’s early light. In Anacapri there is the Underground where you can dance Latin American rhythms, enjoy famous tropical cocktails or spend the evening in a private room. A magic atmosphere for those who prefer to spend a few hours with friends sipping champagne in an elegant environment. Getting back to Capri you can find the Baraonda a disco bar located a few steps from the Piazzetta. We advice those who love Neapolitan songs to go to Anema e Core and Guarracino The most popular tavern still remains the Anema e Core with music, unbridled table dancing, stars of cinema and TV, with a program which can vary from Monday to Sunday, while Guarracino attracts couples of young lovers for its soft and romantic style. The stars slowly disappear at dawn, but before getting back home don’t miss the typical Cappuccino and Cornetto at Da Alberto or at Bar della Funiculare standing at the bar counter, or maybe sitting at a table.

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